Neck and back pain in the office: Is posture to blame?

Oct 23, 2020 | Blogs

Are neck and back pain a constant reminder, of the daily battle you face in front a keyboard?

One the most common issues we deal with and questions we get asked on a daily basis are in relation to neck and back pain in the workplace. How can I reduce the pain…should I get a stand up desk…should I get a new chair? The questions are endless yet not many understand the cause and more often than not just a small adjustment in a sedentary lifestyles can make a huge difference.

By following these simple steps, help rid the office of neck and back pain and take the first steps towards a healthier spine.


Posture is no doubt an issue within the office, but people are very quick to quick to point the finger at this being the main cause of neck and back pain but that is not always the case! Posture related neck and back dysfunction in the workplace most definitely are an issue, however it is important to understand the root cause of the problem, as more often than not back pain and posture are not always related. In this great article by Ben Cormac, he outlines and tackles some common myths, touching on some key evidence and giving a great insight into understanding pain.

The science behind why assessing and blaming posture for pain is BS